We can't deny  there is no distinction between mind and body. But for  something to exist , it must either be perceived or be the active mind doing the perceiving. From this perspective, there is no mind/body distinction because what we think of as body is merely the perception of mind.  Or you may think matter is fundamental .  "Whatever else may exist, if it exists, it depends on matter."  , you could say ... But you could not deny the existence of mental events that are not matter .  So between those two extremes you can say mental events are causally dependent on bodily events, but  not deny their existence or the distinction between mind and body.
Thinking this I made two illustrations for the "Velvet - Smart fashion" club .
The first one is about the mind/the purity of the smart idea(the diamond, the brain ) wich travels by flight because of what it can percieve and the second one is about the strong relationship between matter , in this case fashion(using as symbol the peacock feathers), and the "brain" behind everything that floats above beauty - the smart fashion .
Velvet - the birth of smart fashion .
Velvet Underground - Heroin
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