I was invited by the TASTEmakers & Dunhill to be part of the festival experience at Summer Well Festival and to illustrate a large artistic installation, and also to  create an experience that mixed fantasy and story telling with the fun festival vibe.
The illustration was a constant companion throughout the journey inside the artistic installation. The activation cubes were the focus point which sliced the trail into three parts:

Part 1: The making of the cosmos (macro-cosmos)
Part 2:The making of the matter (micro-cosmos) 
Part 3: The making of the civilisation

Topics tackled myths, astronomy, astrology or fiction.
I used symbols that are in the same vibe with the summer aesthetics, vibrant colours and dynamic compositions.
Characters had movement, by using textures (like hair, clothing etc), and lit up the compositions, bringing a human
touch and also giving photo opportunities.
The characters were representing stars, muses or creativity. Sometimes they blended in the composition, while sometimes they had been the focus.

character illustrations
installation render simulation
installation by day/night
pannel illustrations
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