Our perspectives of action on the environment and urban life ultimately led us to the notion of unity. Unity, here, is defined as the use of all techniques, as means, contributing to the composition of a unified way of acting. Such an interrelated ensemble must be envisaged as incomparably more far-reaching than the old domination of certain senses (like sight, for example), or than the present sporadic application to anarchic use of  computers, specialized technology or of scientific investigations such as ecology. Unity in this case must, for example, determine the acoustic of the steps on the forest floor, either if there is an animal involved, or a human being. Thus we must include both the creation of new forms and the stealing of previous forms, mixing them in a new creature.
This perspective is linked to the continual and rapid increase of the need for basic experiences, sounds or smells and it is also linked to the battle between technology and simple life.
Vaadin is a mythological creature in Finnish folklore, the goddess and divine ancestor of the mountain reindeer. She helped to find the knowledge necessary to forge magical artefacts.
Photo: Vlad Birdu
Hair styling: George Morodanu
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