'SAINT HOOLIGAN' tells a story about a strange characterpursuing  his own spirituality.It presents a character who owns some sort of purity,but becomes a hooligan.
He is born in a world where everything is used as a facade,even religion.His image is a projection, a preparation for what he wants,and he is using this simplicity as a shield.This hooligan evolved and he managed to understand that he canuse fashion as a weapon.Why ‘saint’?Saint because of the way he chooses to act,he is ‘vandalizing’ what now has become sacred.He uses simple ways and he acts natural inspite of the trend.
art direction: Alexandru Nimurad
photo: Andrei Ivan
make-up: Diana Ionescuhair styling: Diana Ionescustyling: Alexandru Nimuradpost-processing: Alexandru Nimurad
designer: Alexandru Nimurad
models: Andrei Cirlescu, Andrei Stoica
(c) All Rights Reserved
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