During the quarantine, I felt so stuck and just couldn’t do the thing I love the most, which is drawing and illustrating. I felt uneasy, isolated, worried, and so on... So instead of doing nothing about it, I decided to talk, or better said, show, what it feels like for me to pass through this difficult blurry times. 
Instead of avoiding the negativity I simply faced it and took a deep dive in whatever I felt. I tried to turn negative emotions into images which gave a little bit of a funny and optimistic twist to all the hard feelings I was passing through. Thankfully I had all the help I needed, thanks to the wonderful tutorials I found on the web.
Creativity is such a mysterious thing and sometimes it never comes when I need it, especially during hard times, when you feel worried sad, or isolated.  But fortunately, creativity has lots of facets and the simplest ways are the best, many times.
Like anyone else, I passed from feeling fear to isolation, and loneliness to frustration and anger or rage sometimes. All the shades of bitterness were there and that was okay because at the end of each phase I used that energy and turned it into something less scary.
To me, this ongoing project was like a life jacket when navigating trough these murky and weird times. It felt exciting and refreshing to get out of my bubble and experiment with new techniques and learn new stuff. I’m still feeling stuck but at least I’ve learned new stuff and got to use some leftover stock photos I felt sad about not using for job projects. 
I used the tools I love the most, mostly Adobe Illustrator with just a touch of Photoshop here and there. I'm so thankful we have so many tools that help us overcome difficult times! Like all the social networks where we share laughter and knowledge, or the many graphic tools, or the many online galleries whether they are museums or simple websites.

Big hugs to all of you ❤️

Alienated feels tangled, light and blue

Sad...feels...well kinda dark and dusty

Anger is fiery and pointy and aggressive

Missing true human contact, but at least we have great technology which helps these days to stay in touch (pun intended )

Talking about the elephant in the room: being alone. This could be a time for introspection and meeting our true selves

Fear can break the fragile balance

Yep...hard days...

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