Illustrations inspired by the ancient myths and old stories. Each character represents a certain god fighting, taming or seducing his/her darkest fear. Each of the illustrations had a special event on and they served as inspiration for a special event during a week dedicated to each god and planet.
The representation for each god is at it's very core the essence of a very human strength. Thus, Neptune is the battle with ones's inner shadow; a deep dive inside one's fears and sorrows and the struggle to overcome them. Mars is the almighty tamer of the flame and warrior core; the binding between grace, power and initiative. While Venus represents the voluptuous dance with danger; it is the ambiguity and the power of seduction fused with the attraction of the unknown and the fear of the unpredictable faced directly.
The illustrations are made in Procreate App, on an iPad, and the colouring is made in Photoshop.  
Neptune fighting the Leviathans
Mars taming the Fire Dragons
Venus seducing the Bazilisk
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